Our Story

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13

Go For Love. Why have we continued to call our ministry Go For Love all these years? We feel that it describes the journey the Lord has taken our family on; more now than when we chose it almost a decade ago. It means that we are all called to love, that God’s greatest command to all of us, is to love Him and love our neighbors.

Breanne was called to missions at a young age. When Jesse and Breanne met, Jesse knew her desire to move overseas and serve in a foreign country, but was unsure how it would work. And while Breanne was studying for her master’s degree at the University of Washington the time came to go, sooner than we both expected. Breanne felt the Lord’s urging to go and when she shared with Jesse he was excited about the adventure of living overseas, but wasn't sure about all the rest. Jesse started his own company in order to offset our support and Breanne worked in full time ministry in Mexico.

Then the Lord took our family to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where we have been serving since 2011. Breanne worked in different sectors in the fight against human sex trafficking. During these beginning years Jesse would say, he “went for love.” Love for the Lord? Yes. But also for his love for his wife.  

Over the years of serving in Cambodia Jesse become a leader in his field. While perfecting his craft and supporting Breanne faithfully in her ministry, the Lord changed Jesse’s heart. He to was called into missions while living on the mission field. A shift happened where he wasn't just here for the love for his wife or the act of obedience to the Lord’s calling; he was here for the love of people.  

Years passed and our first child was born. Then we were pregnant with our second. Our baby’s life was cut short in the womb and our lives were radically rocked. It caused us to ask, are we supposed to be here? What are we doing here? Lord, what do you want with our family and our lives?

Through the grieving and reevaluating journey the Lord reignited a calling he had placed on Jesse’s life as a young believer; pastoral ministry. God lead us to take time resting and refocusing our little family of three.  The refocusing led us to The Bible College of Wales. Jesse pursued what the Lord had put on his heart years before. In a sense, it was now Breanne’s turn to “go for love” of her spouse.

Who are we supposed to love now? Who are we “going” to? The truth is, everyone and anyone who the Lord puts in our path. Upon returning to Cambodia, Jesse and Breanne both took up work at our international church. Jesse in a teaching/preaching role and Breanne leading our music team. The international community is made up of non-profit workers, aid workers, teachers, and business people. But the church is mostly made up of other missionaries. In a sense we are missionaries to the missionaries. These are the people we feel the Lord has called us to love.  

“Go For Love” has looked so different over the years. Jesse went for Breanne, Breanne went for abused street children. Over time Breanne went for Jesse and Jesse went for pursing his God given dream. Now, we both know we are here to love on our international brothers and sister. To offer support, training, an ear, and a hand to those living in a country that is not their own.