Khmer New Year

Happy Khmer New Year everyone!! In Cambodia we get to celebrate 3 new years. Fist, our Western new year on January 1st. Second, every Cambodian claims to be Chinese for the Chinese new year. (Don’t get me started on this, Chinese new year this year was the week from hell. Like I said everyone claims to all of a sudden be Chinese just to have another holiday LIKE THE DONT HAVE ENOUG!! Like I said don’t get me started.) And third Khmer New Year. Traditionally this is celebrating the end of harvest season. They enjoy the fruits of their labor before rainy seasons begins. AKA another reason to NOT WORK! Oh I love Cambodia, no sarcasm there. It feels like Christmas around here. It is their largest holiday so I guess to them it is Christmas. Everything shuts down, PP becomes a ghost town, and busses are packed to the brim with everyone traveling back home to their home province to celebrate with family.

We had a Daughters Easter/Khmer New Year party last Thursday. I sang In Christ Alone, my new friend Amy for the UK shared the Easter story, and we played some games and baby powdered one another while dancing. After the service portion was over we began our games. It was so fun to see the staff having a blast. Then right before snack time Emma, the Operations Center director threw baby powdered the leader leading the games right in the face in front of everyone. After this all powder broke loose. I thought I was going to make it out sweaty but powder free. But once they saw Emma do it to a leader there was no stopping them from doing it to all of us. The sweat and powder mix turned into a paste all over my body. I have no idea where this odd tradition of throwing flour or baby powder came from but it is sure messy and fun. We then got out a round table, put some flowers on it and started dancing. You can’t dance without a table to dance around! I was trying to mix up the traditional Khmer dance with my amazing hip hop moves. I looked good. (Read with a Ron Burgundy accent.)

My prayer this Khmer New Year is that this time next year for us to be celebrating a new harvest of Christian believers; new brothers and sisters in Christ. Join me in this prayer.

Happy New Year to all!

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