Selfish Reasons

I have decided to start blogging again. You may wonder why I stopped or you may not have known that I used to in the first place. Why did I stop? I guess I got discouraged. I never want to put on a front and act like life is perfect, and I also wonder if people even want to know what I’m thinking. (Or if I should even share what I’m thinking. That can be a scary place.) But to be honest I started blogging again for a selfish reason, I NEED PRAYER SUPPORT. I have realized again this week that I need people back home praying for me, praying for us, all the time. I went to a Christian conference in Singapore last week, I will elaborate more about this conference in other blogs, but to summarize, God set me on fire. I know there are stereotypes and people can talk bad about “camp highs” I am not here to debate whether they are good or bad, all I know is God gave me vision after vision and spoke so clearly to me about issues in my own life. I went to work on Monday so ready to see God’s hand at work within our girls.

Satan on the other hand had other plans. He wants to tare us down, discourage us, frustrate us, cause divisions, and these are just some of the games the devil tried to play with me last week. BUT I kept praying that God would have the victory, that God would bring me encouragement and refreshment and wisdom. God was victorious is every difficult situation I had last week. I know that in the end satan is going to be defeated and God is going to be victorious. But on the day to day level, it is difficult to remind myself that the enemy is defeated when their is a storm around me. What helps me know that the enemy will be defeated is when I remind myself of everyone praying for me. When I receive text or FB messages from people. Even when I don’t receive anything I know I have pray warriors back home helping me fight the spiritual battle I am in.

Woman are going to be saved. Their families and husbands and going to come to know the Lord. The church in Cambodia is going to rise up. Blind will see, deaf will hear. Satan wants to stop it, BUT HE CANT.

Join me in prayer. Put me in your calendar. Put my picture on your fridge. Write my name in your Bible.

Pray for: God’s revival to come to Cambodia. Our feet to be firmly planted in His word. My day to day with the woman and men I am privileged to work. For God to shine in every situation and they will draw closer to Him. For the women and men at Daughters to feel hope that comes only through Jesus Christ. For Jesse and my marriage. For protection over our house. Protection over our bodies as we drive motos around town. Hope, who is currently in critical condition in the hospital. (To learn more about Hope click here.)  And I will post more and more as prayer request and praises come through our Daughters site.

If you would like to receive prayer updates for my family and Daughter’s clients please message me your email address.

Thank you for your prayers and for joining the forces as we pray spiritual protection over the work of the evil one in Cambodia.


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