Gangnam Style Shoes...

I can’t tell you how funny it was to see the girls bowling. 404902_556083887942_456393594_n

I have been wanting to do a team bonding trip for a while. The last few weeks have been a bit stressful. Valentine’s day turned out great but leading up to the event it was a bit overwhelming. The girls learned two new drinks, a new appetizer, three main dishes, and a bunch of new desserts. Valentine’s day went great and they completely deserved a special night out.

I had asked the Khmer managers what the girls would like to do; a boat ride, a movie, eating at the mall, and I got nothing! So I thought, hmmm, what would I like to do with the girl. BOWLING!!!

We arrived and they were the most excited about the shoes. They all wanted to Gangnam Style shoes. Then after the Gangnam Style shoes where given out they grabbed a ball and began launching the balls down multiple lanes. Oh my word, it was so funny. At first I was uptight trying to explain the game to them. Telling them that each girl got two turns and so on. I soon realized they were having so much fun and where laughing too much to listen to me. I then put the planning aside and began to laugh and have a blast with them.


It was amazing to watch the girls laugh, dance and sing to the music, and get completely exhausted after about an hour of shot-putting the balls down the lanes.

The last few weeks I have fallen more in love with my job. The girls can difficult some days, I do work with about forty women, when is that EVER easy? And my days can be completely exhausting, but I come home knowing that it was so worth it and I am always excited for tomorrow.

Maybe another reason I feel that way is because we had a Daughter’s retreat this weekend and I was encouraged by the team I work with. I work with individuals who love their jobs, work hard at it, love the girls, and love the King that we serve that created these beautiful girls just the way they are.


I am encouraged knowing that God has me here for this perfect time for these wonderful girls. So blessed by an amazing God!