Pubs in We're Out: Time to Move

In our married life it’s an understatement to say that we’ve moved a lot. We have been married 5 years and lived in 9 different homes. Kirkland, Covington, Seattle, Tacoma, parents house, Mexico, Mexico #2, parents house, and Cambodia. It’s a lot I know. Where we are living now in Cambodia has been the house we have lived in the longest out of all of them. Seems funny huh? We have lived in our house for about 16 months. Jesse and I were talking about moving but after looking at a hand full of houses we decided that we had it pretty good where we are. We have a place for Zuko, great moto parking, and safe surroundings. Our landlord even lives downstairs so we always feel safe and taken care of.

After returning to Cambodia this January our landlord informed us that someone is renting the entire house and making it into a Western pub. I’m always down for good western food and Jesse won’t refuse a good beer on tap, BUT IN OUR HOUSE!! That means we got to go.

House hunting in Cambodia has been hard. You know the show House Hunter International on the HGTV channel? I’m going to be honest, it’s not like!! They make it look so glamourous and exciting but it’s really frustrating and hot and expensive. I know I am probably high maintenance but is it too much to ask for to not have tile half way up the wall or awful gaudy furniture or someplace to park the moto where it won’t get stollen? Our great Khmer friend has been so patient with us and showed us so many homes just nothing feels right.

Yesterdays search left us feeling a little better about moving. We found two places that were doable. I have to remember to take pictures next time. I think it is hard for people to visualize the houses we are seeing.

Please pray that Jesse and I can find a nice safe place to live. I know God cares about our need. He has aways placed us exactly where we wants us and I know this future home won’t be any different.