"Oh, you so FAT!"

Jesse and I have a competition going. Some may say I am a bit competitive. Now I am not one of those crazy people that cry and stomp their feet when they loose, but I do enjoy the taste of sweet victory. However, this competition is one that I would rather loose. The person that hears the most, “Oh, you so fat!” will be crowed the winner, well kinda. In Khmer culture they notice everything. If you are fat, skinny, white, dark, you name it, they notice any physical feature. It’s not an insult when they call you fat, they are just pointing out a fact. Like, “Oh, you got your hair cut.” But instead of something you do to look nice and feel good when people notice, you feel, well even fatter. I try not to feel bad and I am grateful for parents that no matter how triangle/afro/crazy my hair looked or how bad my braces and acne were, they always told me I was beautiful. This helps when I am sitting in our regular coffee spot or walking in the market and the people comment on my size.

Look people, IT WAS THE HOLIDAYS...they don’t understand. All they know was that I went away for a month to America, ate like a fat American, and came back fatter.

I proudly announce that Jesse is leading the competition. However, I go into work tomorrow. Jesse’s awkward moments of smiling and laughing as they pinch your arm fat is over, mine has not yet began. I have to face 40 wonderful Khmer woman who will all tell me, “Oh, you so fat!” They love me and they don’t mean to hurt me they are just pointing out a fact. I was thinking to keep Jesse in the lead I should announce in the morning meeting that I got fat and no one needs to point it out or pinch my arms.

Americans have many things to be grateful for. So be happy that when you go back to school or work or where ever after this holiday season that your co-workers don’t comment on the few crescent roles, Starbucks drinks, or Maggiano’s pounds you put on. And yes, the running began 3 days ago.

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