I couldn’t help but laugh...laughing is always good medicine when things go sideways. We landed in PP and it didn’t take long for us to realize we weren’t in America any longer. The line for the visas was a mess. A bunch of different tourist asking each other in their own language where to go. People were waiting in wrong lines, Asians were using their renowned way of waiting in lines (as in not waiting and pushing and cutting you), and all along I stood patiently welcoming myself back. As we exited the airport a sea of Cambodian faces greeted us. In the mix we see two guys that did not fit in and quickly realized it was Adam and Ian. To our surprise they came by to take us home. It was good to be welcomed back by familiar faces.


The next day we went to take Zuko to the groomer and about half way there our tuktuk broke down. While in the middle of the street we jumped out of one tuktuk and into another, holding up traffic along the way. After running some errands, during which I had to constantly remind myself that errands take a lot longer than back home, we came home to a blacked out house. The power was down. I unpacked with sweat rolling into my eyes due to no air-cons and once again just had to laugh. Nothing that happened yesterday was out of the ordinary for Cambodian life. It is just culture shock all over again. I was able to laugh everything off and at the end of the day I was grateful to be back in this always unpredictable country!


Our time at home was amazing. It is easier for me now to picture the new additions to our families. The hardest part is leaving all those babies. It is hard missing those “firsts”. I left and the next day I get a video from my sister of Kian belly laughing at Gavin. He wasn’t doing that when I left!! They grow so fast! But meeting all four of them (Scarlett, Ruby, Kian, and Oliver) was some of the best memories that I will cherish while being apart from them.


The month was full of good food, laughter, friends, parties, more food, babies, shopping, plays, movies, presents, and Starbucks coffee. It was one of the best months and the memories I made will encourage me during the tough days that happen when you are away from family and in a third world country.

It is good to be back. Adjusting will take some time, but getting back to work and a normal routine will help. I am excited to see the girls again and give them their snow! Thank you for all your prayers. And to those that told me you are reading the blog, thank you. Most of the time I think I’m writing to myself but it was encouraging to know people back home are reading and praying for us. Thank you!!

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