Incheon Korea

Written November 21, 2012

I am currently sitting in Incheon, Korea airport 15 hours away from seeing my family and friends. Well, technically not my family. We are trying to surprise them on Thanksgiving day. We haven’t decided how


yet, but I am hoping it will be epic.

We left Cambodia around 11:30pm Tuesday the 20th. It was a rough 5 hour flight to Korea but we made it safely. We have about a 12 hour lay over in Korea and lucky for us there are free trips into the city. So we landed, exited the airport, and got on a bus headed for Incheon City, an island about 2 hours away from Seoul. When we exited the building we almost froze to death. I have never been so cold. It felt like I was at Snoqualmie pass getting ready to ski. The funny thing is I think the weather is going to be exactly the same in Seattle. I am hoping I left some warm clothes in my parents garage or else I may freeze.


We had a great time on our outing. We shopped in the market and saw an old traditional government building. And I know what you are all wondering, did I hear Gangnam Style? Yes, but I not only heard it a bunch but I also danced to it in the market. I did not attend enough KPop in the park by our house to really know it, but I gave it my all.

The city is so different than Cambodia. The first big difference I noticed was in the bathroom. After getting familiar with squatty potties (I won’t say used to because praise the Lord I don’t have to use them all the time) what I encountered in the bathroom stall was crazy. On the toilet they had an automatic/electric toilet seat protector. Before you sit down you press a button and it rotates the used plastic for new plastic. Is this popular in America? Am I really behind the times?

There of course were other big differences that I witnessed in my short time here. Other than the


weather, and the obviously more advanced toilet system, the cleanliness here is crazy to me. I didn’t get smiled at as much, I didn’t get looked at as much, I didn’t get called fat behind my back (well I probably did I just don’t understand Korean), I have Starbucks (first time in a year), I didn’t hear “Lady, madam, tuktuk. Moto?”, I only saw about 4 motos, I saw a McDonalds sign, I see many more Samsung phones (ok that’s just a joke), and I am not sweating. With all the differences, some which seem positive, I miss Cambodia. I love Cambodia. I know I haven’t given Korea a fair shot, maybe I am bias, but I will stick with Cambodia.

We have a while to wait and I am beginning to get really tired and really excited! Cant wait to see everyone and I am hoping my surprise for my family works out. I have a feeling they may assume something’s up. We’ll see!