Looking Forward To...

I wrote this around November 2nd and we arrived home on November 21st. I have added comments in blue. It is funny to look back over the things I wrote weeks ago. 

I am thinking a lot about going home, I am obviously really excited to see my family and friends. I was thinking on my walk into work yesterday that I should write a list of things I am looking forward to. So here it goes.

Cold weather. I have kinda gotten used to having to take two showers a day and being constantly covered in sweat. Now I am a Colby so sweat is something I am familiar with, but add constant humidity and 90 degree wether, yuk. A scarf and jeans and a jacket will feel so good! I don’t think I even remember what it feels like to have pants on my legs or shoes and sox on my feet for that matter. Oh my word...this country is so cold. In Cambodia I could not fathom how cold it was going to be when we got back. I need to bust out my long underwear. I am so cold every day. But it feels so good to be in a house with the heater going and a sweatshirt and sweats on. Such an odd feeling, but my body missed having warm clothes on. 


Starbucks. This is just true love. Holding a Christmas red Starbucks cup in my hand. A real good cup of coffee. Maybe even walking around downtown Seattle. Having all the trees on 4th lit up and stores decked out with decorations and a red cup. I can't even drink anything bigger than a tall. I am not used to big sizes, my tummy can't handle it. But it is wonderful to be holding the red cup again. 

Babies X 6!!! When I left Gavin was a toddler,


now I see him on Skype or pictures and he is a little boy. When I left Adele was a baby, now she is playing soccer and talking away. Kian and Oliver weren’t even formed yet. Now they are already huge!! And Scarlet and Ruby were just something Brittany and I used to talk about. Now they are two living precious healthy baby girls. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that my best friend has twins. I don’t think it will hit me until I hold them for myself.  And Violet all grown up and finally living in Seattle. This has been the best part. I love being with the kids. I've played pirates, fed babies, got spit up on more times than I can count, but I love every minute of it. 


Of course I am excited to see friends. I am awful at long distance so some of my friends I haven’t even talked to or seen their faces on Skype. I am blessed with amazing friends back home and I am excited to see what God has been doing in their lives and how things have changed and where they are 14 months later. It is so good to reconnect with everyone. I have such wonderful friends and there is not enough time in my day to spend time with them all. 

Family. I have never gone this long with out seeing my family. I am excited to see the Orndorffs and celebrate grandma’s 90th birthday. I cant wait to see my brother and sister and of course their wonderful spouses. I haven’t talked very much with grandma and grandpa so it will be good to be around them. I cant wait to sit around the dinner table with mom and dad. So many things could fit here. I will never forget the moment of walking into my parents home on Thanksgiving and surprising them. It's been amazing to see my family. 

Food. Maggianos, Red Robin, sour cream, sugar free syrups, Splenda, Costco trail mix, dads meat loaf, moms homemade cooking...Do you like how Starbucks got its own? Now American food did not settle with me for about 4 days. I have finally been able to enjoy some great food. 

There is so much to look forward to. I am thankful beyond words for God’s provision. It cost so much money to get home and it’s something we cant do often. I am thankful for the funds that were able to buy our tickets. It’s going to be a great Christmas season and I cant wait to spend it with my family and friends. It is going to be a wonderful month and I am trying to enjoy every moment I have. 

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