Snow Globes Needed!

It’s less than a month now till we are home for Christmas! This is exciting and a bit stressful. In only three short months I have worked so hard at Daughters to build a training program, restructure policies, and raise the bar of service. The girls are doing great at changing and adapting, but I am nervous to leave right after so many changes have taken place. Jesse has to remind me that I have at least another year with Daughters. These types of changes take a long time. I have been working on pouring into my managers and I have hope in their abilities.

We have also been working hard on conflict resolution. I tell the girls daily to come and talk to me if they have issues about work. Over the last three months the girls have began to trust me more and more and I am seeing a change in the work place. The girls are talking about their issues together and building a stronger team mentality. I know that God is at work in the girls’ lives. God isn’t going to go on Holiday when I do. His spirit will continue to speak and move in the lives of the woman at Daughters and I pray that when I return these girls are more in love with Jesus than when I left.

When I told the girls I was leaving till January they asked me to bring back sand. I then explained that Seattle isn’t really known for its beautiful beaches. They then asked for rocks, still puzzled about the rocks I showed them a photo of Seattle. The photo had Mt. Rainer in the background. Then they all lit up and asked me to bring back snow. I laughed then I realized they were serious. They keep brining it up and they even told the new cafe girls that night that they asked me for Seattle snow. They all want some sort of keep sake from America and snow seemed like a perfect idea to them.

I think I am going to aim for Seattle snow globes. I think they will love this. Does anyone have any other ideas? If you would like to purchase or help donate to the snow globes please let me know. I need about 40 of them! I know they will treasure this gift. Please let me know if you can help. If you would like to purchase a snow globe the girls would love a note or a personal memory verse from you on the bottom.

See you all soon!!! Thank you for your continued prayer and support.