Big News

So much has happened and I haven’t had enough time to update everyone. The biggest news that we haven’t made public to the inter-webs is that WE ARE STAYING!! After many months in prayer we decided to stay in Cambodia for another year. Well to be honest, God kind of decided it for us. He made it clear to the both of us that we are to stay in Cambodia. I will sign a year contract at Daughters but...more big news...I will be signing it under a new contract. I got my first promotion! I am now the director of the visitor center AND the Phnom Penh House of Prayer, which hosts our new cafe. 

I have been building great relationships at Daughters. Atheist came in the other day and asked me a million questions. I was able to share my heart and the heart of Daughters with them, but they had a hard time seeing past the idea that we are a Christian organization. I shared with them that we truly believe healing happens when Christ is involved. We can get girls out of brothels and help them put an end to them selling their bodies and that of course is wonderful, but they need to hear about the hope of Jesus Christ to truly find freedom in life.

While sharing with the two atheists one of the girls that works at Daughters was listening to my conversation. When they left I asked her if she understood. She then opened up and shared with me how she found Christ. She was working in the Karaoke bars and after some time came to Daughters for help. She told me about how she was quiet and shy and just went about her work. Over time she began to make friends, to open up, to listen at our church services. She said that over time she began to feel happy, to have joy, and through relationship she eventually came to know Jesus.

Her family is still Buddhist. They are happy that she is no longer selling herself, but they don’t like that she is a Christian. This does not stop her from telling her neighbors and her own parents about Jesus. She told me about her neighbor that used to get drunk and beat up his wife all the time. The wife and the kids began going to church and became Christians. They prayed for a long time for the father to also become a Christian. With a smile on her face she told me that recently the entire family, including the now sober father, all got baptized.

I was explaining it to her that she is a missionary in her neighborhood. She was embarrassed that I was comparing her and myself. I told her that some people tell the community where they live about Jesus and others go to other countries to tell people about Jesus. I told her that we are both obeying what God wants is to do.

We are not allowed to ask the girls their stories, but if they share we are allowed to listen. She is a perfect example of what Daughters wants to accomplish and stands for. The last few weeks have been crazy. With the new cafe and getting everything and everyone on the same page it has been a bit exhausting. I come home completely drained, but I love every minuet of it and I am happy that this is where God has me serving.

I am looking forward to December. Not only is it my favorite time of year, and my birthday, and my 5 year anniversary, and Christmas, but I also get to see my family and all the new additions.

God is so faithful and looking back over these last few months, although we have had many difficult days, he has had the victory and he deserves all the praise. Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement.

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