Week One

So it’s a week into my new job and so far I am loving it. I truly believe in what Daughters stands for and represents. I feel so privileged to be working with our woman and I am excited to be apart of these girls maturing with the Lord. I wanted to say upfront and make it clear to those that regularly read my blog that due to the life style these girls came from and for the safety of all those involved I cannot share with you personal stories of the woman I work with. Thank you for understanding the privacy restraints I am under. If you want to learn about where I work please go to daughtersofcambodia.org. There our founder has made a great video sharing about what Daughters represents.

But I can tell you what I do and am responsible for at Daughters. I work at our visitor center which houses our boutique that sells the products the woman make in the sewing room, our spa, viewing room for those interested in learning more about Daughters, our culinary training, and our cafe. My job includes making sure the visitor center is running smoothly. Including staff interactions, taking care of our customers, staff training, and much more.

I think this job was possibly made for me. I love chatting and interacting with the customers that come into the store, I love managing the center to make sure everything is operating with high standards, but most of all and most importantly I love mentoring and working with our wonderful girls.

I know its only been a week and I am sure as time goes by there will be days of frustration. But I thank God for this amazing opportunity he provided for me. My prayer is that through the talents and abilities God has given me, I can encourage these girls to love Christ with all of their lives.