Dear Nolan

Dear Nolan, At my small group here in Cambodia we are study the book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. The entire book is about growing into a deeper relationship with Christ; being hungry for him more and more each day. Last week I was asked to lead the small group and the last discussion question was, talk about someone you know that has recently died, did they live their lives to the fullest? What were some of their regrets? Some of the successes?

I am going to be honest. I skipped the question. There was no way I was going ask such a personal question to the group. I don’t know the people well enough, I didn’t want awkward silence, etc.

Well today at work, now week later, I got a call from Jesse. He thought it better that I hear from him than hear from Facebook about your passing. Nolan, I didn’t know what to do. I sat at work staring at my computer trying to keep my mind busy so I didn’t have to grieve your loss. I had to rush off to small group without even going home after work. I found myself doing a decent job of keeping my mind off you, or at least I was trying.

But then God spoke to me. After leading worship I was reminded of the questions I skipped last week. And I was brought back to the reality of your death.

I am not sure if everyone in my small group are Christians and I am not sure if all are following God the way they should. So with the prompting of the Holy Spirit and tear filled eyes I shared about your life. A life that was lived to its fullest. A life spent loving people the way Christ would have. A life that reflected who God is. I gave an alter call and also offered water baptism for those who hadn’t declared that the old is gone and the new has come.

I declared tonight that your life was not only going to be a testimony only in America but your life is also going to be a testimony in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My prayer is that those you had been ministering to and have not yet received Christ or those that hear about the life you lived will come to know him. Not because you were perfect, but because you let Christ live through you.

God has victory over the grave.

Thank you Nolan for living your life daily for Christ so that I can sit in a small group in Cambodia and share the message of Jesus Christ. My prayers are with your family and friends.

Thank you Nolan for your friendship.



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