Jesse and I just got back today from a wonderful weekend in Battambang. Battambang is about six hours north of Phnom Penh. In PP it takes about thirty minutes to be in rice fields but in B-Bang in less than a minuet it feels like you’re in the middle of the province, and you are!! One of our Assemblies of God missionary families live there and it was a pleasure to not only spend time getting to know them better but also to explore Battambang. After what felt like a freezing, never ending bus ride, we arrived. While in B-Bang we went to bat caves, crawled inside caves used as a hide-out by the Khmer Rouge, climbed up to ancient temples, rode a bamboo train, and much more. Jesse and I had so much fun being tourist for the weekend. 













The best part of weekend was watching how God is using the Heilman family and Jennifer in B-Bang. On Saturday we all went to a woman’s Bible study. While the men and the kids took a boat out on the lake, us woman were busy fellowshipping. Kami gave the message in Khmer to the woman about waiting on God. She was an encouragement to me. I have faith that I too could share the gospel in Khmer. A Buddhist woman that was watching came over and began to ask questions. The other woman answered her questions about the difference between Buddah and God.

Then on Sunday we watched Ben stand up with the pastors of the AOG church and pray for a family that decided to turn their lives to Christ. Cambodian Buddhist wear belts under their clothes to protect them from different bad spirits. Normally there are one or two belts, but this family had dozens of belts under their clothes. The pastors prayed for the family, cut their belts, and welcomed them into the family of God. Later Ben explained that it is a process for a Buddhist to become a Christian. They are so held down by spiritual oppression and tradition. It was amazing to witness this family be welcomed into the family of Christ.

On Sunday afternoon we were able to watch Jennifer and the ministry she is apart of. The school’s English camp was such a success that they decided to do a one day, day camp so the students could return. It was awesome to witness non-Christian kids get in a room and singing worship songs to Jesus. They were learning English through the Bible. Ben preached about trusting in Christ. I believe that teen’s lives are going to be changed because of the ministry Jennifer is a part of.

It was a weekend full of amazing food, great fellowship, lots of squatty potties, new adventures, and an eye opening experience to see the work God is doing through the missionaries in Battambang.

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