Time to Give Up Facebook?


"Do you think it would be easier for a missionary if Facebook and Skype didn't exist?"

This question was asked by a good friend of mine and long time missionary. His question made me wonder, what would life be like without the social media that for most of us use on a daily basis. And should I just give up using Facebook and keep my attention focused 100% on Cambodia?

Now, I know that I can't change that Facebook and Skype exist. In fact, I am a huge proponent of using social media to share what is going on in our lives and our ministry. But the question has meaning. Would it be easier to leave my family and friends, if I only had limited access to what was going on in their lives?

The quick answer is yes. Yes it would be easier for me to stop looking back at what everyone is doing in America. It would be easier for me to focus 100% of my attention on Cambodia.

But, it would also make it more difficult for us. Most of our support is given online, from individuals, friends, and family, who haven't seen us preach about Cambodia. Just everyday people that want to bless a husband and wife doing ministry in Cambodia. The internet, mostly Facebook, has given Breanne and I a direct link to our supporters. When stuff gets hard, our supporters know about it. When we are blessed by God, our supporters know about it.

And with that direct link comes prayer. I was blown away by the response from people as we took Hope to the dentist. I posted a simple message on Facebook asking for prayer and within minutes we had people praying for us and Hope. I can't tell you how much of a blessing it is to know that as we are physically walking into a situation, people are praying for us and that need.

For all the benefits I see with Facebook and social media, it also is a distraction. Facebook is on my computer, my phone, and it even stalks me through email. So I thought, what if I can make my Facebook time more intentional, rather than distractional?

A couple of weeks ago I removed Facebook from my phone and iPad. The two devices in my life that I can most easily be distracted. I wanted to test and see if removing these two apps would allow me to focus more on Cambodia, and lessen my desire to be back in Tacoma.

I don't think enough time has gone by to know if this test will have a lasting impact, but I can tell you that it has helped me be more focused in the two short weeks that I have been doing this. Will I give up Facebook? I doubt it. I see too many benefits. I mostly don't want to lose the direct link we have for prayer. Breanne and I believe that there is such power in corporate prayer. We need it everyday and we know you do too.

If you need anything please let us know, we would be honored to pray for you.

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