Support Needed

I read through The Dream Giver a few months ago. The following quote is one that struck me. It reads, “When God seems absent and everything is going wrong, will you still trust God enough to patiently allow Him to prepare you for what’s ahead?” (Bruce Wilkinson, page 119). I can look back over the last eleven months and see times where I have felt like everything was going wrong. Things at work, money issues, relationships at home and away, language barriers, heat, and smells that make you want to barf. But through it all God has been faithful. Not only faithful but he has been preparing me for what he had in store. 

When our paper work did not get approved through the Assemblies of God I had a bit of a panic moment. Then I began to pray. I chose to trust God and to patiently allow Him to prepare me for what was ahead. Jesse and I were overcome with peace about the entire situation. Praying with one another and feeling confident in the direction we were to go. God spoke to me, regarding employment, that if my feet where planted in his word I could not make a mistake about where to serve.

I still don’t know every step and there are a handful of things I wish God would answer right here and right now. But he isn’t and that means I have to continue to have my feet planted in him and trust his plan for my life.

No longer being with the Assemblies of God means a few things. The main and most substantial is that we can no longer go through their donor giving system. Meaning we need to raise financial support through other means. We have to continue to support our everyday living cost and pay for private insurance.

I have no doubt God will provide for Jesse and I. Whether it be through donors back home or paid work for Jesse and I while in Cambodia. If you would like to give financially to us please visit Also, please continue to pray for the journey Jesse and I are on. Pray that our faith is strengthened and lives, including our own, are changed for the glory of God.