Waves Crashing...Not What it Sounds Like!


Today the Sparrow’s Nest staff had a meeting at Brown, my pretend Starbucks. After the meeting those with cars, aka Larissa, left. Vouen, Kaeli, and I stayed at Brown for about another half an hour. After the rain stopped, and Vouen (the Khmer) said we should leave, we decided to listen to his advice and attempt going home.

524300_545639807962_120425655_nKaeli got on her moto, Vouen on his, and I began the walk. After walking about a minuet the rains returned with vengeance. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now...but I continued to walk. It wasn’t until my feet were covered and I was slipping through the waters that I decided to hide under an umbrella with ten other Khmer people.

It was under the umbrella that I listened to conversations about me in Khmer, watched a very old braless woman clean her mop in the flooded street, watch cars pass and send waves towards us, and laugh about life in Cambodia.

After waiting about twenty minuets I decided to take a tuktuk around the corner to my house. I was still drenched but my phone and computer made it out alive.

Its days like today when I say to myself, “Oh Cambodia!”