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After a hand full of interviews and many prayers, I found an amazing new place to serve. I will be working at Daughters of Cambodia.

“Daughters of Cambodia is a faith-based non-Government organization reaching out to victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia. As an organization, Daughters recognizes the impact of sexual exploitation as an abuse of human rights with detrimental effects on psychological and physical wellbeing. Daughters seeks to help victims find ways out of this situation and into a situation of safety, freedom and dignity, to find wholeness, and to become all that God created them to be. Daughters' vision is to empower clients with the internal capacity and the external resources to change their own lives. Internal resources involve empowering clients to make changes to their own lives, within their own cultural and social contexts, promoting healthy decision making so that changes are internal, voluntary and sustainable rather than imposed. Daughters' approach seeks to move away from NGO dependence and models designed for other cultures. The long-term aim is to achieve sustainable outcomes in making a real and lasting difference in girls' lives. Long-term success is defined as a client remaining out of the sex industry for the rest of her life, supporting herself through dignified, rewarding work, and raising her own family to have a better future.” 

Daughters achieves their vision through many different outlets for their clients. I will be serving at their Visitor Center located in Phnom Penh. Their visitor center hosts their viewing room, boutique, spa, culinary training, and their Sugar ‘n Spice Cafe. As the Visitor Center Director I will be overseeing these projects and the Cambodian woman who run them. I am so excited for this opportunity God has provided for me to serve directly with these woman and encourage them with the hope of Jesus.

I had my first day at my new job last Monday. I went to our center that houses the screen printing, jewelry making, staff offices, sewing room, and the wood working shop. As I walked into the sewing room I looked at a sea of machines. But at each of those machines was a woman diligently working on her project. The co-worker giving me the tour explained that the woman are trained holistically; meaning they don’t just attach the zipper and the buttons, but they are responsible for making the entire item. After completing a project the woman see that they have created something beautiful out of just basic pieces. As I listened, I watched the woman talk and laugh and work. God gave me a sense of peace. I can’t explain the feeling. Maybe a sense of hope for myself and for what God has planned for me but I think more so, a sense of hope for the woman that I am pleased to now work with.

Please pray for me as I begin this new adventure! I am a bit nervous about the new responsibilities, but am very excited to see where God is going to lead Jesse and I.

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