Soap In the Drinking Water...Oops


Today was a wonderful day with our kids. They haven’t been in the center for a few days  which means that our kids that live in the garbage pills get a bit on the dirty side; so we decided to bring the showers to them. We have been teaching the importance of hygiene and we figured we can show the kids that they can keep up good hygiene habits even outside of Sparrow’s Nest. We came prepared with soap, towels, and fresh pants for everyone. The only problem was, where to find the water source? We had two of our kids with us and we set out with their three and one year old directional skills to find somewhere to bath.

The one older boy is not an average three year old. But as we journeyed across the park I began to wonder where he was taking us. Then he stopped. I looked around and was very confused; I began to think my Khmer was getting worse. I could have sworn I asked where the water was so we could take bathes. But the boy was spot on. I just had to look down. He led us to the street communities water. This is free water the street people use for drinking and cooking and the green puddle laid directly in front of me. It was a crack in the pavement but it was cleaner than my first glance led me to believe. Me and Kaeli looked at each other wondering how in the world we were going to accomplish this task.


After being directed by a nice Khmer lady we began to wash. We soaped them up, took the community cup that was floating in the water and rinsed them off, Kaeli grabbed a washcloth and began washing their faces, so far so good. It wasn’t until Kaeli stuck the soapy washcloth back into their communities drinking water that we began to get dirty looks. We quickly finished realizing their warm welcome was going to quickly wear off.

We then went to our second location but instead of two kids we had about seven to bath. This time Pastor Vouen grabbed the garden hose, we stripped them down, soaped them up, and Vouen sprayed them off. The kids were having a blast.


After this happened we took the kids to the play set and Vouen stayed back to watch the motos and talk to those sitting at the park. They were asking him what compels us to care for these children that no one else seems to care about. These children are not only not cared about by others but they are seen as a nuisance to those that live in the area. Vouen shared with us later that he enjoys when this question is asked, and its asked often. He gets to tell people about Jesus Christ. How he loved people and commanded us to love people also.

These children bring me so much joy and my prayer is that they feel loved and cherished by us. I pray that they know we love them and care for them because our heavenly father cares for us.

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement through Facebook, the blog, texts, and emails. Continue to pray for our kids and that they find Jesus personally and begin to transform into messengers to this nation for Him.