When Are You Coming Home?

Remember when you were little and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up? I always answered a missionary. Now I am doing that vocationally, but I still wonder what I want to be when I grow up. Being a missionary doesn't really answer the questions. Be a missionary doing what and where? Province work, relief, rescue, rehabilitation, outreach, mentoring, church planting, teaching, the list can go on forever.

After almost eleven months Jesse and I are beginning a new season of our lives in Cambodia. We are seeking God and asking him, missions? where? what? We will be done with the Assemblies of God World Missions do to some financial restraints with the organization. We will also be concluding our full time volunteer status at Sparrow’s Nest. Jesse and I have enjoyed Sparrow’s Nest and will continue to volunteer but we feel God leading us to a new experience in Cambodia.

When are you coming home? I have been asked this question over a million times by family and friends all wanting to know when they will get to see us. I wish I had an answer for them and you, heck for myself, but I don’t. We have prayed a lot and God has spoken two specific things to us both. The first, don’t leave discouraged. This we are currently working on. Second, not yet.

As much as I wish I had an answer not only for myself but for others, I don’t. Due to God’s words to us I will be pursuing and interviewing with local non-profit organizations in hopes of continuing my work with the prevention of human trafficking. We are praying for God to open doors and speak clearly to Jesse and I about the direction He wants us to take.

With us ending our time under the Assemblies of God we will need another way to raise support. A place where our current and potential donors can give. If you wish to give monthly please visit http://www.goforlove.org/supporter-account/donation-levels/. You can also give a one time donation by emailing Breanne at breanne.orndorff@gmail.com to arrange a one time gift.

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Please pray for all the support we need to come in with this transition and please pray for direction for Jesse and I. We desire to follow God’s call for our family. If that is back home in the states or serving in Cambodia we desire God’s will to be done. Thank you again for your ongoing prayers.


Jesse and Breanne Orndorff