Naked is Normal: Not a Personal Confession

This Sunday after the message the pastor had us break into small groups and share how God’s grace has impacted our lives. We all took our time sharing about what God has done for us. After sharing a lady in my group began asking me about Sparrow’s Nest. She asked how her and the church could help minister to street kids. She shared that every time she drives down the street her heart goes out of the kids collecting trash or naked on the sidewalk. She wanted to know if they needed clothes or shoes.

With a smile on my face I told her that most of those kids are choosing to be naked. Our kids fight us daily when it come time to put clothes on them. One of our kids gets out of the shower and runs as fast as he can dodging the towel holder and the person responsible for clothing him to escape his impending doom of wearing clothes. Children are just naked here. I know it is crazy for us foreigners to grasp but they like it that way!

Her question regarding how to help is one that I have been facing a lot lately. We have had a lot of people interested in volunteering and they always ask me the same thing. My response, to those living in Cambodia, has been the same.

Give us your time!

They normally want to give clothes or food, but as I share that we need people to sacrifice their time to spend with our kids they always look at me a little funny. I explain that we have people donating clothes and money for food, what we need from those that live in this country is to donate their time.

I was reminded about the body of Christ. We all have different gifts and different jobs within the body. For those back in America your job is to pray and support missionaries and to be Jesus’ hands and feet in your home city. For those here, we need your hands.

A lot of our children act in disobedience because they want attention. The clothes dodger that I mentioned about is one of the most difficult kids we have. During Bible time he is running in circles screaming and yelling in order to distract others, in which he is normally successful in. One day we had extra volunteers and one of them held his hand and gave him one on one attention during class time. He was a completely different kid. He listened to the story, and was interested in what was going on. The same is true with our older boys. They need a positive example of men in their lives. When Jesse gives them appropriate loving attention they act so differently.

These kids are tough to deal with, but they just need appropriate love shown to them. What does it mean to discipline out of love? To give healthy attention out of love?

This is what our kids need to see.

My challenge to you, wherever you currently living and serving is to be God’s hands to those around you. If you are in Tacoma serve the people of Tacoma with the heart of God, if you are in Cambodia give of your time to be a positive role model in the life of child who have never received love in a Godly way. Be that touch of love that does not hurt or abuse but brings healing.