Going to the Movies!!

Do you remember your first time to Disneyland? Or your first time flying? What about your first surprise party? I wanted our Sparrow’s Nest kids to have a special memory that they would never forget just like we have with the things written above. With many hands and eyes we took sixteen street children to the movies.

I called the theater and got us a special deal. $3 for the children and 10% off for the other staff. We also got free popcorn and candy. I like to think I used my Tom Colby skills for this. Sparrow’s Nest staff went to the market and bought sandals. Only about two of our street kids have shoes and we not only wanted them to feel special but they needed them inside the mall. We bathed all of them and put them all in a complete outfit. Sparrow’s Nest shirts, pants, shoes, but no underwear. That is just crazy talk. Some where trying to take the little clothes they had on off; they would have freaked out if they also had undies on. The ladies braided the girls hair and we were ready for our adventure.

I was so nervous the entire time. Was a child going to get lost, walk away, or stollen. All these thoughts were going through my head. I didn’t really get to enjoy the movie I was too busy counting to sixteen the entire time. But all the stress in the world was worth watching the children enjoy every minuet of their experience. Everything from the mystery moving box (aka elevator), to the cool bathrooms, to the 3D glasses our kids loved every minuet.

The theater treated them extra special. Just as they always deserve to be treated. We had to constantly remind the kids to say aucoon, thank you (working on their manners). The movie, Madagascar 3, was in English but they could understand. An elephant with a tutu and a zebra with a clown wig translates in any language. I posted some photos of the kids. So grateful for this experience and my hope is that our children felt loved and cherished in a new way.