I was encouraged last night by Proverbs 20:24. “Man's goings are of the Lord; how can a man then understand his own way?” KJV

I am learning more than ever to trust in God; to not panic, to not try to plan ever step I am going to take. This is NOT easy for me. Having our family in a foreign country not knowing when we are coming home is not the easiest thing to not worry about. However, I am only here because of God’s direction and calling in the first place. I will only know our next journey in life through God’s direction by the Holy Spirit. Why do we think we can figure things out? Why do we think we know more than the God that created the universe?

I am thankful for God’s calling. I am thankful for the wonderful kids I get to care after everyday. I do not know how long Jesse and I have in Cambodia but I want to walk in faith knowing that God directs my steps.