Eating Butterflies

My days have been tough. Not knowing the next step, being away from home, and being confused has not been easy for me. I have learned so much about trusting on God. I am actually surprised how calm I am being about not knowing the next phase for my family. My time in Cambodia has been good for me in more ways that I can imagine. Although some days are hard there are always those moments when you just have to laugh. Those moments that seem to make all the hard days worth it.

Today during art the children were making flowers with numbers on them. To decorate around the flowers they had butterfly foam stickers. The little baby boy sitting on my lap in the photo began playing this game with me. (Photo was taken during street ministy.) He would stick a little piece of foam in his mouth, I would tell him it wasn’t food, he would laugh and take it out. He had a butterfly in his hand that was about the size of a silver dollar. He looked into my eyes and put the entire thing in his mouth. I told him it wasn’t food, but this time he didn’t take it out. This is when I began to get a little nervous. I ran over to him, stuck my fingers in his mouth to pull out the large piece of foam, but there was nothing there. Nothing! He had eaten the entire thing.

Then I waited for him to start chocking. Ready to step in and be mom with those magic quick hands moms seem to have. But the foam just went strait into his tummy. After I took my fingers out of his mouth he began to laugh at me. By the stern look on my face he realized it was not funny. I couldn’t let him see, but as I turned away I couldn’t help but laugh.

Later that day I played airplane with the kids. Something my dad used to do for me. I lay down on my back, they put their bellies on my two feet and I lift them up into the air and they pretend to fly. The joy on their faces were priceless.

Although a lot of days are tough it is days like today that make it worth it. Giving special attention to children who adults normally don’t give a second glance at unless to punish.

Good days or bad days, they all belong to God.