New Temple New Families

At Sparrow’s Nest we began prayer walks and relationship building outside our doors. We split up over the city and pray for those we come in contact with on a weekly basis.

On Thursday me and another team member entered a Buddhist Temple and began to pray for the darkness to flee and for God’s light to be reveled to these people. Inside the temples a lot of families, homeless and other, live inside. (Photo of one of thebuildings the monks live in.) While praying we spotted a family laying in their hammock. We approached them and began talking. After a few minutes we decided to leave and let them get back to their afternoon nap.

We rounded another corner and my co-worker spotted a family in the back. We went and introduced ourselves. The mother then asked us to sit on short stools while she did the always uncomfortable looking Cambodian squat. Her family lives in the back corner of the temple. They have their bed, their store, and their possessions all in the same area outside. The mother’s children slowly started to play with us. It was great talking with her. She spoke very slow and plain for me to understand. I promised her that I would come back the following day and bring Vouen, our children’s pastor, with me. He could help fill in the gaps where my language lacked.

The next day I went back with Vouen. I passed the hammock family that we first met the previous day and asked if Vouen would say hi to them as well. He walked up and began a conversation with them. While Vouen and the mother spoke, her five year old son played house. I love watching our kids play house. They set up hammocks instead of cribs, hold the baby and other supplies in a unique ways, and cook the meals so differently. This little boy was setting up real rocks on top of his make-believe coals. He then put a pot on top of the rocks to cook the concoction he had created. He was cooking a mixture of some sort of soda, with leaves and grass, and stirring it with a straw. Very smart boy. As the boy played house Vouen found out that her other children are getting helped out by another NGO. She was interested in her son coming to our school. We also found out that they both tested positive for HIV. We wrapped up our conversation with the family. They are supposed to come to Sparrow’s Nest this week. I hope to see them there and to introduce them to Jesus.

We continued on to meet with the other family that I sat with the day before. As Vouen explained what Sparrows Nest is more and more moms and dads made their way out of the houses to listen to Vouen talk about our center. Many were interested in sending their kids to us.

These children and families are so loved by God. I pray that I will be used to be God’s hands and feet. When I have a difficult day or when my attitude is not what it should be, I have to pray and ask God to give me his eyes to see these kids the way he does.

Please continue to pray for those we are working with.

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