Pregnant Times Three

There is a common question you are asked after four years of marriage, “When are you guys having babies?” Now let me say up front, I am NOT writing a blog post to announce that Jesse and I are having a baby. I’ll just make that clear at the beginning!

It seems that in America, after you have been married for four year you are expected to start thinking about babies. In Cambodia after a night of marriage you are supposed to not only think about having a baby but conceive a baby! They think Jesse and I are crazy for not having a baby yet. Here their goal is honeymoon babies. If you don’t get pregnant right away people start to wonder if there is something wrong. Another sign that something is wrong with you, for a male, is if you have your ears are pierced. The ear that is pierced indicates what tentacle has the issue. On top of being married for four years and not having a baby, Jesse used to have his ear gauged. This means that it looks like Jesse had/has testicle issues. Now to my knowledge this isn’t true, and I pray it isn’t, but the Khmer’s read into our situation.

Right now in my life the three woman I am the very closest to are all pregnant. This equals FOUR babies I get to see when I get home. That’s right FOUR, and only three pregnant people! My sister-in-law called me about a week after being in Cambodia and told me her and Brent were expecting a baby. They are due April 22. A few months later, my sister and Tyler told us. Well kinda told us, I guessed and she couldn’t lie over Skype. And lastly my best friend Brittany and her husband Mark are having babies. A few weeks after Brittany told me about the baby she called again and told me about the babies!

I had three different reactions to all of these new additions. Bria. I was so excited but it was the first thing, after the quick math, that I realized I wasn’t going to be there for. I stayed calm and collected unlike when Bethany and I talked. Bethany and I were having a normal late night conversation over Skype. It had been a long day and I was already very emotional. Then I asked randomly if she was pregnant and she couldn’t hold it in. I knew I was right. After so much excitement, I broke down. Not only was Bria pregnant, but my own sister too! Poor Bethany, I just sat on Skype balling my eyes out. I felt awful. It was obviously coming across that I as not happy for them. Of course I was thrilled, but knowing that I would not be home for both babies births made me so sad. Then lastly Brittany. She was unable to get a hold of me via phone and not being able to hold it in any longer she had to text me. Although I never thought I would find out my best friend was pregnant over text it was what needed to happen in my current circumstances. Instead of balling my eyes out. I decided to give this pregnancy over to God. God immediate spoke to me. I cannot be home for the births of these babies, but I am here in Cambodia for other babies.

I cannot wait to get home and hold these four beautiful babies in my arms. Although I may be the aunt that lives in the computer for a while, I will love these babies unconditionally. I will try to be the best aunt to these four children. And in the mean time I will love other babies. Like the babies that I pick up from the garbage piles in the morning, those are the babies I will love with my physical arms. The other four just have to wait for now for my loving touch.

(Bria, Brent and Adele Left, Bethany and Tyler bottom, and Brittany and Mark right.)