God Answers Prayers

I feel like I have been asking for a lot of prayer lately and I need to update and thank you all for your prayers and support.

We hosted a funeral for one of our street people this last Saturday. She was beat up a few days prior by her husband and then accidentally, because her eyes were so swollen she could see, walked into a wall and bleed to death on the street. We told the community that we were going to be having a funeral in order to remember her life. They were so happy and couldn’t thank us enough. We picked them up and brought them into Sparrow’s Nest. Then we had a short service where Vouen and I sang Amazing Grace, Vouen shared the Gospel, they shared about her life, and they enjoyed food with one another. One of the best parts of the service was worship. Vouen played a few worship songs we had taught the kids. It was fun watching the children worship Jesus at the top of their lungs while the street community just sat in amazement. They all looked on as these kids sang praises to God. It was such a beautiful sight.

During the service Vouen asked if anyone wanted to pray and ask Jesus into their hearts. All fourteen of them prayed the prayer along with Vouen. Some voiced that they wanted to come back next weekend for our kids service. God turned such an awful situation for his good. During the meal they made a food offering to the woman's dead spirit. Larissa had to explained about spirits and told them with Jesus we do not have to fear. Of course they do not quite understand, but they are making steps in the right direction. Pray that they come on Saturday to lean more about the grace of God and understand his goodness. (The picture is of the adults enjoying their food after the memorial service.)

Also, just last night I asked you to pray for two of our street kids and their grandmother that were hit by a car. I want to let you know that it was one mother and one child that was hit and they are doing fine and are in the hospital recovering.

Yesterday morning we were expecting a couple of our kids to come to Sparrow’s Nest but they did not show. These kids had been gone for a few weeks into the province. We have only had them back for a few short days. When they didn’t come in the morning I was eager to get them. (Picture is of me and the two little girls the day they returned from the province.) We left during lunch to get them but when we arrived the other street people were trying to tell us something and from what we understood it involve a few of our kids and a car accident. We were trying to follow but from what we could gather we did not understand enough of the information to help, so we called Vouen and he came out immediately to talk with them to get a little more clarification.

Upon further understanding of the information, of course not full understanding but enough to know what hospital to visit, we prayed with one another and waited till five o’clock, visiting hours. Vouen and I headed to the hospital that was supposed to have the grandmother. To our surprise it was not the woman we thought it would be, it was a different mother all together. We opened the door to a small room packed with seven people. Four kids playing, two other male family members, and the mother in the hospital bed. The children and the family were happy to see us and I am sure we looked a little surprised as we walked into the room. The mother broke her arm and her leg and will have surgery on both. She will be recovering for the next ten days in the hospital. We will be bringing food to them regularly as it is not standard practice of Khmer hospitals to supply food to their patients.

We then left to check on the child who was at a different hospital. At this point I was very confused who we were visiting. The mother at the previous hospital was not who we were expecting so we had no idea who we would find at the children’s hospital. When we arrived they did not let me go visit the child. Khmer only. So Vouen chatted with the boy. As I waited, I was anxious to find out who it was. When Vouen came out he showed me a picture but I did not recognize him. He was very beaten up from the accident but will make a full recovery.

Thank you again for praying for both the funeral and our hospital visits. God has been so faithful through every situation. Our team is learning a lot about crisis management and God is stretching us all through this compassion ministry we are apart of.  Thank you again for your prayers. I will keep you updated on the mother and the boys status. Keep them and our team in your prayers. We are trying to do what Jesus would do if he was physically here in Phnom Penh. Being his hands and feet!!