Can you believe it’s 2012! A year ago yesterday, January 1, 2011, Jesse and I left Phoenix Arizona and made our way into Mexico. I look back over the year and remember sad goodbyes, new friends, unique foods, adventurous breakdowns, and much more. But through it all the things that I remember most is God’s provision and presence in our lives. In Guadalajara there were times when God and I did not see eye to eye! And there have been many times in Phnom Penh when I don’t understand God and the reason for so much human suffering. But through every question, argument, moment of worship, and performed miracle, God has never left me or disappointed me. I wish I could tell you exactly what 2012 has to offer Jesse and I, but I have no idea. I have stopped trying to plan every moment of my life and decided that God is better at the whole “my future” thing. This time next year, I don’t know where I will be but I do know that I will be serving and obeying the God that will never leave me nor forsake me.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement these last few weeks. Every comment on facebook or the blog means so much to me and I am grateful for family and friends in my life that love and support us while we try our hardest to follow God and His call for our lives.

Update: We have not yet gotten the kids out of prison. The other street people told us that Samnang, the boy, is with his grandma. And Songkum and her mother, along with other street people, are in prison. We have to work through another NGO here in Cambodia to get the children out. I have attached a photo of myself and the kids. I wanted to give you a visual of the stroller and our walk into Sparrow’s Nest every morning. Samnang is wearing a mens playboy shirt with no pants or underwear and no shoes. Songkum is wearing a shirt and no undergarments as well. In this photo we had just arrived at Sparrow’s Nest and you can see the joy on their faces. Songkum’s toothless smile is priceless. This little girl knows how to laugh and have fun! Thank you for all your prayers for them and the others still in prison. I will keep you updated on their situation.

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