A Downer Day

The last two days I have been feeling down. Christmas was great and I learned a lot about myself and what God has for me. But for some reason, these last two days have been a downer. It all started with a moto ride. A friend of ours went home for Christmas and left us her moto to dive while she is gone. As I told you in my last post, we are wanting to buy a moto to save money on tuktuk rides. I drove around the block a few times and felt really comfortable driving. So I ventured out to the photo printing store. It was there that my day went bad. I was feeling confident in my driving abilities until it came time to park. To be honest, I am not to the point where I can share this story and laugh about it. Even writing about it makes my heart pump a little faster. I am going to save the moto story, which I’m sure will go down in history for idiotic behavior, for a later blog post. I’m not ready to re-live yesterday. Needless to say, the experience left me embarrassed and feeling insecure about myself and my abilities. I hate feeling this way. I am a confident person and I enjoy feeling capable of things. I disappointed myself and this just put me in a down mood.

Furthermore, ants and mosquitos have infested our house. Last night I work up with over ten new mosquito bites. I wait up in order to catch them before I sleep and I can never see them. Then I turn off the lights and go to sleep and they  feast on me. For some reason they don’t care for Jesse so all of them decide to eat me instead. Also, our kitchen has officially been infested with ants. Jesse has tried several times to kill them off, but they just keep coming from the cracks in the walls. This is very frustrating. We are lucky they haven't found their way into our food yet. I know this sounds like such a stupid little thing to fret about, but it gets frustrating having mosquitos bite you and ants crawling about of your laptop.

Also, I have not spent time with Samnag and Songkum in a week or so. While we were gone in KohKong the police did a raid of the street. They picked up all the street people who were too slow to run away. They asked the street people for a bribe and if they couldn't pay they sent them to jail. Samnag, Songkum, and their mom were some of the people caught by the police. The other street people told us that Samnag went to his grandmas. We aren't sure if this is true. We are praying that he is really there safe with his grandmother. Songkum and her mother are still, to our knowledge, in prison. I have heard horror stories of this jail and the going-ons there, but I have been praying for their safety. The police call it rehabilitation; they do some sort of “brain washing” to the people they take in. To be honest I don't know what this entails and I don't want to make it sound worse than it really is. If I figure out more specific information, I will inform you. I do not want to tell you false information.

Normally this rehabilitation last for a month or so, but the police informed our pastor that this time they plan to keep the street people for up to six months. We are going to try to get the children out of the prison. There is another NGO here in Cambodia that can place the kids in a home/shelter while the parents are still imprisoned.

I have been trying to not get down and to keep my spirits up about the kids. I did that successfully for a few days, but as time goes by without seeing them, my spirit gets heavy. Jesse and I were looking forward to giving them their Christmas presents and spending Christmas in the Wat with them. I have to remind myself that it’s a marathon not a sprint. And that God has a plan through every twist and turn.

After my bad moto day my attitude turned sour, then I just began to miss and worry about the kids. Please join me in prayer for all the street people picked up by the police. Pray for their safety in the jain. Pray that we will be able to get the children out and placed them in safe environment. Pray for Samnag and his grandmother. Pray for me. My spirits are low and me and Jesus need some time together.

Thank you for all your prayers. God is always faithful and I know he needs me to keep jogging along in order to accomplish the work for His kingdom.

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