December Update

Holiday greetings from across the globe! It's December 15th and I can't believe were so close to Christmas. The decor and atmosphere may be a bit different here, but it seems like it doesn't matter what continent you are on, the Christmas hustle and bustle remains the same. Santa here doesn't ride in a sleigh, but in a tuktuk. A tuktuk is a motorcycle with an attached seating area in the back for the passengers. Tonight I saw a very tan (Cambodian) Santa with a tuktuk full of presents. Never seen that before.
This afternoon we have our Sparrow's Nest Christmas party with all the kids from the day shelter at Monkey Business. Monkey Business is a play house with padded toys and countless slides and of course pizza. I can't wait to see the looks on these kids faces. For all of these street kids, this will be the first time they get to experience anything like this. The picture is of me and Samnag inside the ball pit. He had a blast. Then of course we have church parties and work parties and food, lots of food. We try to make everything seem like home but without the same stores our holiday treats have a bit of an Asian twist. I don't mind though.
Sparrow's Nest has been growing daily. We have a core group of kids that have been coming and we have won favor with the neighborhood. This is a very important thing to do in Cambodia because of their culture. We are still struggling to get a large number of the street kids to come. They all have to work to support their families by picking up trash. Because of their work they are not able to come for an entire day. They also need to work so they can eat. At this moment we do not have a meal available. We are working with some churches back home trying to figure out the finances on how to get these kids lunches everyday. This will allow them to take a break from rummaging through garbage, learn about Jesus, and get a good meal in their bodies.
Jesse and I have been building relationships with a few of the local street kids. A few of them live in the Wat or Buddhist temple across the street from us. If you don't know about Samnag and Samcun yet please go and read some past blogs. They are left on the streets to fend for themselves during the day while their mom goes and collects rubbish to support them. Samnang is four and one of the most energetic loving little boys I have ever met and Samcun is eight. She weighs twenty pounds and looks about three. She is handicapped and we just found out that she has some sort of heart condition that the doctors are not sure of. These children are molested by pedophiles both in and outside the temple walls. Everyday I come with my stroller and take Samcun's half necked body, put her in the stroller and find Samnang, he is normally running around the temple somewhere, and take them with me to Sparrow's Nest. I wish we could do more and I wish that at four I didn't have to leave them by themselves unprotected, but I have to remind myself that for eight hours these kids are feeling the love of joy of Jesus from all of us at Sparrow's Nest. They are hearing about Jesus and they are safe. They are out of reach from anyone who would do them harm.
I love these two little kids and the truth is there are countless kids just like them. Little by little they are coming out of the wood work and entering the doors of Sparrow's Nest.
Please pray with me for more street kids to hear about Sparrow's Nest, please pray for finances so that we will be able to feed each street child a lunch, and please pray for Jesse and I. We need the joy of the Lord in out lives. Entering the home of Samnag and Samcun is so hard to do and the truth in which they live is difficult for us to grasp. It is a tough reality we are seeing face to face. We need the Lords joy and His love to ooze out of us and for all around us.
Thank you for another month of support. Lives are being changed through your generous giving.
We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Thank you again for blessing our lives.
Jesse and Breanne Orndorff