My Heart Breaks

My heart was broken today. Today I had the honor to spend time with two of our kids from the day shelter. After Breanne got home from the shelter, we decided to visit a couple of the kids that sleep on the street. We wanted to play games with them, and just spend time with them, letting them know that someone loves them. My time here, so far has been spent mostly on running my business, learning the language, and learning the culture. But today, I got a small glimpse of what is really going on in this country. Today, I got to see a small, tragic reality for so many Cambodians. Tonight, kids all over this country will sleep on the street, where they are in the open to all sorts of evil.

As Breanne and I sang songs with the two little ones, we started to gather a small crowd of people, all men, glaring at us. Now, the idealistic part of me wants to say that they were curious, or they wanted to make sure we meant no harm to the kids. But the feeling I had was they were more concerned about us preventing things from happening to the kids. I have no doubt in my mind, those men had nothing but evil intentions in their hearts. And my heart broke. I also got angry. Angry that men would bring any kind of harm to a little child.

This is why we came here. Today I was shaken down to the core of who I am. I pray that as we continue to meet the people, spend time in the community, that God will use us to help and protect those that are helpless.

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