Three days in...

I thought I should start from the beginning so that I don't forget all the great things that we have experienced so far. So it may be a long one sorry about this!!
The flights were great. We slept most of the way which helped us acclimate to the time change better. Once we arrived Jesse had to talk to the "Vet of Cambodia," I don't think he is the only one but that was his title. He told Jesse he needed more money so Jesse paid his first bribe. We didn't know what else to do so the "Vet of Cambodia" made $20 extra bucks that day. We got Zuko who was going mad in the kennel and he was very happy to finally be out. Larissa took our bags in her truck and we jumped in our first tuktuk. The driver was great and after a long 19+ hour trip we finally got to the Dobson's house.
After arriving we ate a great meal and then headed off to look at houses with our new friend SotChia. We looked at about 4 houses but we are still on the house hunt. We found one we really liked but we may want to be close to the Sparrow's Nest office. After apartment hunting we ate dinner with new friends and played some games. It was about 8:30pm and we were exhausted but we were leaving for Siem Reap the next morning and had to leave at 5:30am and we needed to pack.
In the morning we left bright and early for Siem Reap. About 2 hours in the bus broke down. We waited in the rain for 2 hours for a new bus. In the process we meet some great people on the bus. After getting back on the road it was only about an hour later and the tire went flat. We stopped for food and they took another hour or so fixing the new bus. It was fixed and we were finally at the bus stop in Siem Reap. Although we broke down twice, it was all worth it. The bus ride was beautiful. It was as if we were riding through a national geographic. I tried to take photos that captured what we were seeing but they do not do the beauty of the land scape justice.
From the bus stop we jumped in a tuktuk and we were headed for our hotel. We were driving though knee deep or more water and the tuktuk driver took us to the wrong hotel. The correct hotel was across town where we had just came from. So he turned around and fought traffic to the new hotel. On the way there, he ran out of gas. He made us stay in the tuktuk while he ran down the road for more. We finally got going again, and arrived at the hotel, or what we thought was the hotel. It was the wrong one again! By the time we had learned that it was the wrong hotel it was dark and the flood waters were rising. We loaded up once again and headed for the new hotel but only after we paid him more money to once again drive us across town. Later we found out that it has never, at least in recent history, flooded this bad in Siem Reap. We thought that maybe this was normal but our taxi drive the next day informed us that this is way more flooding than usual.
It was a miracle but we finally ended up at the correct hotel and the wait was worth it. This place is amazing. It was about 7pm when we arrived at the correct hotel and it was time for dinner. We ate a wonderful Cambodian meal and got to watch traditional Cambodian dances for entertainment.
By 9pm we were ready to sleep. It may have been to best night rest ever! We woke up and headed to the silk factory. As we got closer we could see the water get higher and higher. As we arrived the place was completely flooded and tours were cancelled. Then we tried option #2 which was the street market but we were stopped once again by flooding. Option #3, the Cambodian Cultural Village was a success. We saw the different kinds of houses and communities that reside all around Cambodia. It was here that I peed standing up for the first time. I know this may be too much info for you but I have avoided that moment for 23 years. We have been camping, hiking, you name it and every time I have avoided peeing outside. With the coaching of Larissa talking me through it (there is really specific tecniques) I did it successfully!! That Museum will always hold special memories for me.
After the tour we went to high tea at a fancy shmacny resort. We drank tea and ate our biscuits, it was like watching Ann of Green Gables! I got the American platter and Jesse the Cambodian style. They were both delicious. After hight tea we came back to the hotel where I find myself now.
This may be the first time I have had time to sit down and write about my adventures so far. We have been running non stop since we landed. Everything we have done has been a blast. We haven't experienced and single dull moment. If the next 11 months are like this I am in for a treat!!
Tomorrow we head to the famous Angkor Wat temples. Pictures and stories are to come...
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