At All Cost

As we approach our departure date, I keep thinking back to where Breanne and I were at a year ago. We were moving out of our house, selling all of our stuff, and moving in with her parents, in order to move to Mexico. We hit a breaking point and we were tired of pretending to be happy. We knew God called us to do something, and we knew we had to go, at all costs. I find that we have one of two reactions when we feel God's call: we either let fear take over and we think of a thousand reasons why we can't do it. Or we embrace His will and let the Holy Spirit transform us, at all costs.

I am already nervous about the trip to Cambodia. I don't know the language, I don't really know the culture, and the time change seems like it might be hard to handle. But what keeps my fear in check, is the promise that God has a plan and purpose for our time in Cambodia. God is going to use us in a powerful way, to help change lives.

What is your purpose in life and are you willing to let Him transform you, at all costs? It is my prayer this week, that you will discover His plan for you.