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Yesterday Jesse and I shared at Rochester Life about our time in Guadalajara and our future plans in Cambodia. I thought we were going to have ten minutes or so to share with the congregation about God's calling on our lives, but earlier in the week I found out we had an entire service. My initial response was excitement. If you know me, you know I love to talk. I love to preach as well, but ever since leaving Guadalajara I haven't had many opportunities.
I sat on the couch and began to prepare my sermon. I finished but for the next couple of days it just didn't feel right. So I sat down again and wrote a different sermon. It still didn't feel right. It wasn't hitting the points I wanted to hit. It wasn't sharing what I wanted to share. Finally, about round three I figured it out. When I say "I" figured it out I think you understand what I mean. I was reading scripture and a verse hit me so hard I couldn't let it go. I know it was the Holy Spirit that revealed the words to me. I John 4, specificlly verse 18. I knew it was what I needed to hear and what Rochester Life needed to hear as well.
I had many people come up to me after the serve and thank me for what I shared. This is always encouraging to me because I know that I am hearing God right. When I wrote the sermon the first two times something inside me wouldn't let me leave it. I am grateful for the Holy Spirits prompting in my life.
Thank you to the Sternback family for welcoming us into your home and church and allowing us to share with your church the love of God.
Go read 1 John 4 now and write a comment on how it can apply to you. I would love to hear what you guys think about it.
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