Just a husband, wife, and daughter trying to love people.


I'm dealing with this strange feeling of uselessness. Jesse is busy working, trying to save up enough money for us to leave for Cambodia, and I am stuck without a job at home. The only time I have not had a job in the last fiveish years was for about 3 months during grad school. I feel extremely lazy and unproductive. I think the toughest thing is that I know my calling and I know what I am supposed to be doing with my life. At home I just don't feel like I am pursuing God's call for my life. I know this is just a phase of ministry that all missionaries have to go through, but I never knew it would be this tough.

Jesse encourages me and says that my job now is to be raising support via emails and contacting people, but it seems like I am bad at that as well. I learned that I hate asking people for money. It is so awkward and I don't want people to think that I am using them just to make a few bucks. Different pastors and friends have encouraged me that people like helping and that people are happy to give. I know this is true but it doesn't make asking any easier. If you have any advice about how to approach support raising please let me know.

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