While on tour with The Merry Way we of course had to stop at In-N-Out a few times. It's only appropriate, we were in Cali for goodness sake. While at In-N-Out one night, a man caught my attention. He was sitting with some fries and coffee in front of him just staring out into space. Our group was laughing and having a great time, but for some reason I just needed to say hello. So I did.

I talked to Todd for a while. He looked at me like I was crazy for a while but I like to think he warmed up to me. I asked him where he was from or what he was doing in SanDiego. He began to tell me that he got into some trouble in Florida and found himself in Cali. He has no family or friends in SanDiego. It was then time to go so I asked if he wanted more food but he refused.

Later one of the guys from the band told me that he had worked at that In-N-Out and Todd comes in every night and orders fries and coffee. He also told me that he had never seen Todd speak to anyone. He just comes and sits for hours. He thought it was crazy that Todd spoke to me.

I found Todd to be a pleasant man. And since meeting him I have prayed for him several times. My challenge for you is to meet someone new. Bye them food or just let them know you are praying for them.