San Francisco

As some of you know, if you have read Jesse’s last blog post, that I am traveling with the band The Merry Way. The Merry Way consists of my best friend Brittany and her talented husband Mark. We left Saturday morning around 8am and drove till 12am. We made it safely to San Francisco. I think I have visited SF when I was young with my family, but I did not remember the city. It was such a great place! The architecture was beautiful, the people were so nice, and the coffee was um...a new experience. Mark loves, as Brittany calls it, “snoody” coffee. I thought Seattle was uptight about their coffee, I was wrong. SF loves a good cup of Joe. Let me explain the word “snoody” to you. They are coffee shops that have refurbished wood, metal chairs, and no syrups. Their coffee options are a cappuccino, espresso, and macchiato. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good americano, however, I need some sort of sugar in it! It was a new experience and I now have a great appreciation for coffee so thank you Mark!

The best part of SF was the church The Merry Way lead worship at. Lighthouse was one of the most welcoming churches I have ever been to. We stayed at a couples house from the church. They happily let three people crash in their living room. I could tell this couple loved their city and all sorts of people. When I entered the church I was greeted with hugs and coffee options from yes another snoody coffee place!! People from the church ran out to get us coffee after they made sure we had everything we needed. During the service I had a great time talking to some wonderful people who were just filled with the joy of the Lord. Brittany didn’t just sing for people, she lead them into a personal time with Jesus. God opened my eyes in Mexico to how different people worship. It is funny how God works because you don’t have to be in a third world country to see him move in a different way. I stood with tears in my eyes from the back of the church seeing God move in peoples lives.

Church on Sunday was just another example to me of how big God is and how great His love is for His family. Whether SF, Seattle, Guadalajara, or Cambodia God speaks to us an continues to show me how good He really is in my life.