I had completely forgotten how beautiful the Northwest is. We arrived in Oregon today and I am just mesmerized by how gorgeous it is here. Jesse and I went for a run this afternoon after arriving on the camp grounds and we kept commenting over and over again about how much we missed the GREEN!!
I am still not used to everything being in English. I keep wanting to say gracias(thank you) or munday(what) to people. The first day back we were at a beautiful resort in Newport Beach California. Our waiter was named Hector, a very nice Mexican man that we quickly became friends with. The first thing Jesse said was gracias after he poured us our coffee. I thought for sure this guy was going to be offend and "accidentally" spill coffee into our laps and respond by saying, "Dude I'm from Missouri and I don't speak Spanish." Instead he gave us the biggest smile and responded back in Spanish. We came to find out that Hector is from Guadalajara. We chatted about Lake Chapala, the cathedral down town, and Christians and Catholics. He was a very nice man and we were both glad to meet him. It may work to respond "Gracias" in SoCal, but I am not sure it would work back home.
I have been having to bit my tongue and realize that not all Mexicans speak Spanish. I don't speak Norwegian do I? I think I just miss speaking Spanish. It was good for my brain. Getting used to understanding everything that is being said to me is crazy. When the lady asks me really fast if I would like a bag in the grocery store, I understand the first time and don't have to ask her to slow down and repeat it again! It's crazy.
I am grateful to be one more night away from my family and friends. I have enjoyed my time in AZ, Cali, and our road trip home. I thanks God everyday for my time in Mexico. I pray that it, at least a little, prepared us for our time in Cambodia. Can't wait to see what God has in store.