Opened Eyes!

I have so many fantastic experiences here in Mexico that I never shared with you guys. One of my greatest moments here in Mexico was at Guadalajara district council. It was amazing. Sure I did not understand a lick of what they were saying, but God still opened my eyes to what He is doing in my life.

While the musicians continued in worship I sang along the best I could. After a while my brain began to hurt trying to keep up with all the lyrics so I began to sing my own song. While doing so, I began to look around the room. What I saw was a hundred or more local pastors worshiping God and soaking in all His goodness. I know that sounds corny, but I don't know how else to explain it. I have been here for almost six months and I am constantly amazed that I am here telling people about Jesus as my job! I love it! It hit me in the room how powerful God is. He speaks all languages, listens to all of us, and cares about me just as much as He does the Mexican pastor across the room praying for the future of his church.

After this experience I thought that I grasped the concept of how big God is and how much He understands, but apparently God needed me to teach me again. While in Mexico City we went to a deaf church. At the beginning of the service they asked us to stand. Then a lady walked up to the front and began signing. The rest of the congregation began to sign with her. I began to realize that the entire church was worshiping, in their way. It was amazing to worship with them. It was such an amazing experience and it showed me once again the greatness of God and how big He really is. I don't God will ever finish explaining to me about His greatness.