Updates & Changes

It has been awhile since I posted, which frustrates me because the goal of our blog was to post constant updates for our friends and family. We wanted to help and encourage those around us that they can go after what God has called them to do. But unfortunately, this blog has fallen behind a bit. That will change today.

Today I updated the blog to highlight where we are going next: Cambodia. Breanne has been talking about this for some time in her posts, but I was finally able to update the site to reflect where we are going next. Breanne and I are both excited for this change, but also a little sad. We have made some great friends here in Mexico and I will miss spending time teaching the Engage students. But God has made it clear to us that Cambodia is the next step for us.

So what's changing here?

God has spent a lot of time changing my heart, Breanne's heart, and our marriage. We have grown tremendously in the last six months. I would say that I am not even close to the same man that came down to Guadalajara 6 months ago. God has moved in powerful ways here, and I am excited to share those changes with you.

As far as the blog goes, I want to share more about our thoughts on missions, marriage, theology, and life. Our students here have asked for our sermon notes, and bible study notes, so I will post those here. I want to share things that move us, resources we find online, budget raising ideas, and we want to help foster more connections to other missionaries on the field.

I also have a huge passion for photography and I am working on a photo documentary book for when we come back from Cambodia. So I want to share that here as well. Basically, I want to make this a central place for all our life stuff.

So stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks! God bless.