Worry Shmerey

Why as humans do we worry about everything? We worry what we are going to eat, wear, do next friday night. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going to sit here and shame everyone that worries, it has just been something I have been working on this week. I always worry, waste hours of my day, and then in the end it all works out for His glory.

Jesse was laughing at me a few weeks ago. My parents were coming down to visit us in Guadalajara. I was so excited for them to come, but I was also so nervous. I wanted them to have fun, be able to relax and enjoy their vacation, and also enjoy the great city that I live in. I was so worried about where we were going to go next or do next. I even made a flow chart/graph thing, that's how excited and worried I was. I should have been focusing on spending the time with my parents and not worried about the other things.

We, well I guess I cannot speak for everyone, so I also worry about "what's next." I am beginning to realize that I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S NEXT. The funny thing is, whenever I think I know what's next I'm wrong and God has His own plan.

Going to Cambodia, I'm not going to lie, worries me a little. How will we raise the thousands of dollars we need to go, will we like it, is it too far from family, is it what God wants. I have decided that every time these thoughts come into my head to give them to God. He has shown me over and over and over again that it is all going to be ok. All I need to do is try to live my life to be pleasing and glorifying to Him. In return He will guide my steps and worry doesn't even have to be part of it. Easier said than done? Yes! But I'm here, I'm breathing, why not work on something that He commands us to do in Matthew 6:25.

My prayer is that you also will be able to trust God with it all!! It's all His anyways. My money, my family, and plans. They are all His. So give it to Him and let Him have complete control over ever aspect of your life.

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