I Played Handball, For Jesus

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend my morning playing handball with a few of the locals from Guadalajara. Now, my Spanish is not good at all. Once the basic greetings are done, all I can do is order tacos, which doesn't help you much on a handball court. I am constantly amazed by the hospitality of the locals. I have never met people that are so willing to just hang out and get to know you. I'm also amazed at how we can communicate, even though we don't speak the same language.

I have learned that the way I best connect to these young men in Mexico, is by getting together and playing sports. Something as simple as a handball game, brings us together, and work together for a common goal. My language skills might be lacking, but I can play a pickup game of soccer, basketball, and handball very easily.

So I played a game of handball for Jesus, to show these men that God loves and cares for them. When was the last time you picked up a ball and played a game, for Jesus?