Service Day

Today was an awesome day. Once a quarter we do a "service" day for our Saturday ministry, Club de Amigos. The students had a great idea to do a health day. We had about five stations and at the end we handed out toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and vitamins along with food and a drink.

The stations consisted of a hair cutting for the boys and men of the community, a girls hair updue/cleaning station, a nail painting station, and myself, Brian, and Janela did a body cleaning station. We started by using baby wipes to clean their arms and faces and then we put lotion on their skin. Janela and I were having a blast talking to the kids and we were happy just to be able to serve them. But then we got the idea to clean their feet also. The kids didn't really know what to think. But after a while they were more open to the idea.

By no means am I Jesus, surprise surprise, but I felt like if Jesus could get down on his hands and knees and wash the disciples feet, I could get on my hands and wash the feet of his beautiful children.

Keep praying that God gives us wisdom to share with the people of El Colli the love of Jesus. I need more boldness and the right words to say (in Spanish) to these amazing people. While others were packing up the van to leave I was walking around trying to distribute vitamins to the adults. One man was sitting on his bike under a tree just watching us. Lord knows my Spanish is not up to par to carry on a long conversations, but when has that stopped me from talking? I went to this man and asked him if he wanted some vitamins. Then we staring talking. I have been praying that God will give me a boldness to share my faith with the nationals. As we talked I told him what we were doing and that we are Christians that believe that God lives in our hearts and he loves us very much. In a community where Catholicism is so strong I want to make sure people know that Christ is no longer dead but alive and living inside me! This man agreed with me and told me God lives in his heart. It is my prayer that he understood what I was saying and that God really does live in his heart. I invited him back and to bring his niece and nephew next week. I pray that he will. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you for your support!