Another Great Weekend

Jesse and I had such a great weekend. On Saturday night we got to spend time with our new friends Kyle and Brittany. Since we left Tacoma we have not spent time with married people our age. It was nice to sit down and talk about vision and future plans with another couple. We were able to bounce ideas off of each other and brainstorm about Engage.
Sunday we went to our pastor's house. David and Flor, like always, invited us in and treated us like family. We ate pizza, played XBOX, and watched a movie.
This weekend I was in awe of peoples generosity and love. Kyle and Brittany for example welcomed us into their home with open arms. David and Flor know that we are the Americans that go home in June, yet they are not timid or "Fresa", to use a Spanish term, with us. They still want to invest into our lives.
I love it. When I spend time with people like Kyle or Brittany or David and Flor, I am reminded of the love that Jesus has. I can imagine Jesus sitting with all sorts of people, just loving on them unconditionally.
Love is why we are here. We are here to love the lost, love our neighbors, love the strangers we come in contact with.
Thank you Brittany, Kyle, David, and Flor for showing me Jesus love.