Un Domingo Bien

I have had so many great and rewarding days here in Guadalajara but today was just amazing. I have to be honest, I have to mentally prepare myself for Sundays. Sitting through a two hour service when every word is in a language I do not fully understand can make two hours seem a lot longer. This morning I prepared myself for service. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my church and the people are great but not understanding much can get a bit frustrating after a while. However, today for some reason was easier than others. I knew most of the worship songs and I actually understood most of the message. After church I got to sing a bit with the youth and music pastor David. After singing for a while we all began to talk about the amazing food Mexico has to offer. Naturally we all got very hungry. Soon after that Pastor David invited us to eat lunch with him and his lovely wife. We all loaded up in his car and grabbed tacos together. I was a bit nervous at first because of the language barrier, but those fears were quickly put aside as the conversation flowed with Pastor David and Pastora Flor. Today was just a great day for me. I feel like I am building relationships and stretching myself in ways that I never have in the past. Thank you David and Flor for an amazing afternoon. Mexicans sure know how to make people feel at home, and Nueva Vida, my new church, has welcomed us all with open arms.

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