Another Move!!

NOT ANOTHER MOVE!! Yup, you heard me right, we are moving again!! I realized I am not doing the best job keeping you guys updated so I will fill you in.

Right now everyone is in one big house. If you would like to see, I posted a video of our home a few weeks ago on Facebook. For many different reasons we will be moving into two smaller houses. We are going to be moving into a Coto. A Coto is a Mexican version of a housing development. The house we will be moving into is still in Jalisco in a gated community and is gorgeous, the only down side is that Jesse and I will be living with the boys and the other couple is moving in with the girls. Now I don't think that Jesse sees this as a down side. He would do it with a smile on his face but I don't know how he would feel about moving in with eight girls, I think I am enough to handle. But for me it is a bummer. Not because I do not like the guys in the house, they are great. But I have enjoyed my midnight talks with the girls. As I wonder up to my maids quarters, I get to stop and chat with the girls. I have had a lot of fun doing this the last couple of weeks and I will miss it a lot. Luckily their house is a five minuet walk from ours and I am sure I will basically live over there. (And I think Jesse is going to enjoy having the xbox at our house…suffering for Jesus!)

With all that said, I just can't believe I have to move again. By now it just makes me laugh. I think God may be teaching me a lesson about the worldly possessions I own. Every time I feel like I purge myself of everything I can, I move again. Let's just say I am a pro packer. I am beginning to like it!!

I am excited for our new houses and I will post a video as soon as we are moved in. Please pray for Amy as she is the one organizing not only her families move back to the States but also the rest of us into our knew houses.

Video to come...