Meet Julio

This is Julio. He is one of the many kids that joins us each week at an Engage outreach. At these events the Engage students put on a worship service, play games with the kids, put on skits, and feed the kids a snack. Julio is a unique guy. Since the first day he noticed my camera, he was instantly intrigued, and this week I was able to let him walk around a shoot a few photos.

He was able to snap this photo, with no real help from me other than helping him figure out how click the shutter down.

And this is why I came here. Since taking out my camera, a bunch of kids have had a chance to be creative, even if only for a minute or two. They have had the chance to try something that they might not get to use ever in their life. For me, being creative has lead me to where I am today, and I pray for some of these kids, it can take them anywhere they want to go as well.

I think God has sparked something new inside me. I want to share photography and creativity to these kids who might never get a chance. Now I need to find the cameras...

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