This Is God's City

Last night we had an opportunity to go to a high place overlooking the city of Guadalajara and pray for the people, the city, and our call. For me, it was an amazing opportunity to listen to God and hear what he has in store for this city and these people. He also told me to get with it, to embrace this city as my home and do the ministry he has called Breanne and myself to.

It has been too easy for me to sit back and work at my office here and miss out on opportunity to serve, but God didn't call us here so I can sit and "work". He called us here to share life with people, to sit down and color pictures of Jesus with children, to help students navigate their calling and their mission.

My prayer was a simple one: "God humble me and allow your love to pour out of me to this city." My prayer tonight is that in all that you do let the love of Jesus pour out to your city, because your city is God's city.

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