A Few Days In.

We have been in Guadalajara for a few days now. I think I have conquered Walmart, ordering my food, and an agua natural by myself. I have also gotten used to not flushing toilet paper and showering in my claustrophobic, water trickling shower. The first few days here have been overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. I am excited to be here, but the culture shock is a bit overwhelming at first. I have not gotten home sick yet. Jesse is a bit home sick I think. And I am sure my time will come soon. More and more students are beginning to arrive. So far the students are from New Jersey, Washington, Texas, and Arizona. The noise level in the house is rising. For this I am glad. The first few days it was creepily quite. Students are beginning to bring friends over to the house and I can begin to feel what is to come for the next eight months of my life.

I start classes tomorrow at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. I am very excited and nervous. When I went on leave from UW I was very excited that I was done with school. Today as I walked through Walmart buying pencils and a three ring binder I realized that I was actually going to back to school. That break wasn’t long enough. My new friend Carolyn didn’t want us to talk about it yet. Hoping that if we didn’t talk about it, then starting school wasn’t going to be true. I keep telling myself, if 18, 19, and 20 year olds can do this, so can I!! These students are so brave and I know I have to get over my fears of going back to school or taking the bus! I love seeing students with such a strong passion for God’s calling, it is very encouraging.

I will keep you updated on my first day of school and our first staff and student meetings tomorrow.


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