Its Finally Hit Me...Too

4 A.M. came extremely early this morning. My nerves and excitement took over and it was easier to wake up today then most days. Today we entered Mexico.
My first experience in Mexico was at the border crossing. While Jesse waited in line for our travel visas, I went to the restroom. The first stall didn't have a door, the second didn't have a lock, so I went into the third. I sat and took care of my full bladder (I know TMI) and then I came to the awful realization that there was no toilet paper! Yeah, I know what you are thinking…gross. So I pulled up my pants, waddled to the paper towel dispenser and went back into the bathroom stall and finish my business. While I was wash my hands an English sign hanging right near the entrance hit me. It read, "Toilet Paper" right above a dispenser full of toilet paper. Then I felt really stupid.
That experience was just the beginning of feeling a bit behind the ball today. I tried to order tacos and felt like the two year old learning to talk, and then I tried to order soup and it came out even worse. Whenever my family goes to Azteca my dad makes us all speak in Spanish, "todos en espanol" my dad says to the very nice Hispanic woman who is probably thinking, "These crazy white people." Well I hate to admit it, but I should have been practicing at Azteca. However, you cant ask for more queso y frijoles, they don't eat beans or cheese on their delicious tacos.
I finally was beginning to gain confidence when I asked the clerk at a gas station "¿Dónde está el baño?" (where is the bathroom) and the guy didn't look at me like I was crazy. Then he quickly told me something that sounded like outside but with a lot more words than that. I quickly found Steve, and asked him. They were around the corner outside. I at least asked with confidence.
With that all said, my first ten hours in Mexico have already been an exciting and knew experience. We learned about our living situation, our daily activities, and talked about the future of Engage.
Thank you to everyone who is out there praying for a safe arrival. Please keep praying. We leave here at 7 A.M. tomorrow and head to Guadalajara. Thank you for your prayers!
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